Where is the Love in Your Life?

Are all hearts and flowers the way you’d describe your job?  Do you spring out of bed in the morning and bolt off to work? When you are having dinner with your other love in your life, do their eyes glaze over because you can’t seem to help yourself stop talking about how terrific your job is and sharing all the details?

If this is not how you would currently describe yourself, but would love to, have no fear. There’s a way to make some changes in your life and not switch jobs or lose a paycheck in the process.

Let’s face it: January has come and gone. New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past. But, since the year is still young, this is a perfect time to begin thinking about the things that really matter to you in your professional life and put a plan in place for the remainder of the year to try to make some needed changes. Call it the professional housecleaning that we all need to do each February. Before the holidays, most of us created and received approval of our annual business objectives. Great.  We know what we need to accomplish by December 2011, but have we really figured out how to do that and keep that important passion spark alive in our everyday work life? When we match up the things we need to do, with the things we’d like to do and are truly important to us, we arrive at the crossroads called Career Management. It’s the place where we either approach our jobs with passion and zeal, or we take each day like eating a mouthful of stale crackers.

Granted sometimes there are circumstances that prevent us from having a job we really enjoy – and that is truly a difficult place to be. And, having navigated through a very intense couple of years of slim pickings in the job market, one could argue that we should just be happy that we have a job, given the number of people who remain unemployed.  Still, I think it’s important to question where is the love in your professional life, and start the planning for how to get there in the future.

Do you have some skills that you lack in certain areas of your profession?  Maybe it’s time to take an inexpensive and time-efficient course that can help you fill in the skill gap.  Do you have the ability to work from home but never seem to take the opportunity?  Perhaps now might be the time to take that benefit for a test drive.  Small things can make a big difference.

Grab a great new business read or join a professional organization to meet some new people. Get out there and network – maybe even outside your current industry. The point is, just try to do something you haven’t before. You never know where you might find the spark that can really ignite a much needed change in your professional life.

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