The process for qualifying candidates

We want to exceed your expectations, and to do so, require that our expectations are set at a very high level especially when it comes to candidate selection.   To that end, our candidates are screened even before they formally submit their resume to us.  We only work with the best talent and we intend to keep that promise to our clients.

We believe that the process of qualifying starts with you, our client, before we ever speak to a potential candidate.  We like to understand what your needs are, what your business is about, and exactly what is required to make you successful.   As every business is unique, so is every candidate; so matching up the right candidate with the right culture is something Thinkinghire takes very seriously.

In most cases, our candidates are personally referred to us from sources we highly regard.  However we meet our candidates, and from whichever venue, each is screened by phone using a requirements checklist that is custom created for each of our hiring clients.  Once a candidate passes the initial phone screen, we meet them in person, and they are assessed using a proprietary measurement system.  The flexibility of our measurement system allows us to focus on key areas that are important to each client.

Or process is about making the right match and focusing on the elements that matter to both you, the client, as well as your future employee.