Great Opportunities

You’ve always been a star performer, part of the A list, have had great performance reviews, and then suddenly, a change is upon you.  Without any notice you are hit with a cutback, maybe a slowdown, or a change in direction; and with that, you find yourself looking for your next great opportunity.

Or, perhaps you are simply considering making a serious  change in your career — looking for an opportunity that will put the zing back into your professional life.

Perhaps you have been a full-time consultant racking up years of great experiences working on some pretty high profile projects.  You have made a name for yourself.  Gigs would normally just come your way without the effort of having to do the dreaded business development beforehand.  Maybe lately that hasn’t been the case.

Whether for permanent placement opportunities or contract positions, Thinkinghire works with some of the best employers in the area to help them find the best talent out there.  If that’s you, we want to meet you.  Take a quick quiz and see if working with us could be the right move for you; and if so, let’s get started.

After all, when opportunity knocks, it’s good to be prepared…