Program overview

You Are Not on an Island

Three ways to get off an island (and more to come)…

One to One Coaching

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who can provide an objective point of view about a career issue or perhaps you just need some quick and basic sound advice on how to get started in your job search.  Either way, setting aside an hour of your time to help you get on track could be just the ticket to giving your mind a rest and the energy you need to move forward. Click here for pricing and to get more information.

Our Customized 1:1 Job Search Coaching Program

We call it the Ten Pack.  It’s a package of ten intensive and insightful hours that will help you get on the right path with your job search.  We’ll design it together so that it mets your needs.  You’ll work hard, but the rewards will be plentiful.  And, we’ll do it according to your pace and timeframe.  All ten hours in a couple of weeks?  Fine.  Spread them out over a couple of months?  No problem.  Whatever is most convenient for you.  Not sure if this is for you? Click here for pricing and to set up time to get your questions answered.

Try Our Job Search Workshop!

Sometimes our clients need more than a one hour session, but less than ten hours of consultation, so we’re now offering a Job Search Workshop.  This package of four 90 minute evening small group sessions provide both the information you’ll need to be successful in your job search and a shorter timeframe to achieve it.  It’s always limited to a maximum of 10 participants, so you get to enjoy the benefits of course materials and learn from others who are trying to achieve a similar goal. More...

Coming Soon:  Thinkinghired Career Workshops for University and Continuing Education Students!

Are you a senior in college and are worried about competing for a job when you graduate?  Or, are you the parent of a college student who is also worried about what your son or daughter is going to do when they make the transition into the professional world?  Let’s take the worry down a notch.  Thinkinghire will soon launch a series devoted just to this important issue challenging tomorrow’s leaders!