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Thinkinghire is a unique Washington, DC-based career management coaching and executive recruiting firm. We help our clients hire and get hired. However, we are not “your father’s Oldsmobile” in the executive search business; that’s for certain.  Nor are we are solely about helping people find jobs.  We are much bigger than that.

At its core, Thinkinghire is a fresh, new, holistic approach to executive recruiting and career coaching.  We have creatively expanded our offerings to provide thoughtfully designed services that address the entire career management cycle—before, during, and after a career move. Higher level thinking is what makes us different, helps our clients advance, and makes us far more than the average firm. Thinking higher is the way to hire or get hired in today’s incredibly competitive job market.  Thinking higher is what Thinkinghire is all about. Thinkinghire helps you think hired.

Career Coaching and Executive Recruiting


Mike GardnerMike Gardner, Founder and President, is an executive search and career management professional and second time President-Elect of the American Marketing Association-Washington, DC Chapter (AMADC).  A recent Chief People Officer, and SVP of Human Resources for Millennial Media Inc, Gardner specializes in providing marketing, advertising, public relations and digital talent to Fortune 500 companies and large non-profits. In addition, he works with senior level executives interested in making a career move and helps them develop the tools and plans necessary to compete in today’s highly competitive job marketplace.  Gardner is uniquely qualified to identify quality talent having actually done the work himself during his own career.  A seasoned executive with more than 15 years of experience in marketing and building profitable businesses, having managed programs, teams, and budgets for such icons as America Online (AOL), Discovery Communications, Verizon Communications and more.  Gardner’s experience includes new media product development, corporate brand strategy, marketing strategy, marketing communications and advertising, as well as Human Resources  and executive coaching.  He enjoys sailing, cooking, golfing and is also a professional painter.  He and his family live in Northwest Washington, DC.

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