2011… Predictions and Forecasts

Given the new year, I thought I would take a couple of minutes to drag out the crystal ball that I keep in the bottom of my closet, shine it up with some Windex and share some of the insights with you on what 2011 is going to look like from a hiring perspective. Bear with me as I try to get this thing working correctly…

“Crystal Ball:  What is 2011 going to bring us??”

Ahhh.  Ooooooohh.  Ohhhhh. Im getting something – hang on… Here it is:  Crystal Ball says “Still hard to find work, but a bit easier than last year.”  
Wow, that was pretty unimpressive and now I’m wondering why I keep this thing in my closet.   Let me see if I can shine it up a bit and get some more insights…

Ahhh.  There it is…  I’m getting something now – “If you take the time to prepare for your search, you will find a job faster than someone who doesn’t.”

Hmmmmm.   I think next year I am going to use fortune cookies to write this article instead.  This isn’t going too well.

One more try.  OK –  Here goes:  Crystal Ball says: “ 2011 brings fortune and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.”
 OK!! That’s more like it!

While I think that the ball may have exaggerated a bit on that last prediction, I think the ball could be more on track than off. The fourth quarter of 2010 brought a surge of new hiring opportunities that we hadn’t seen in a while.  December’s numbers show us an unemployment rate that is beginning to drop slowly, a very welcomed relief.  For many organizations, January begins a new fiscal year, and with that usually brings along new position openings.  If you are looking for  a job, this is all good news. So let me put the ball aside for a minute and give you a few predictions of my own that I hope will be helpful:

  • Hiring for Full-time positions is going to be on the upswing. After a period of layoffs and downsizings, companies will need to replenish its talent as the economy slowly improves, hiring will resume.  As has been the case, I believe companies will continue to be conservative and will operate within shorter financial vantage points than in pre-recession times.
  • Consulting opportunities will increase. The work needs to get done, and companies have fewer people to do it, and an attractive option is to bring on temporary or contracting help.  The difference in 2011 is that the average rate for contractors and temporary help will be lower than previous years, but will still be high enough to make consulting/contracting a viable option for candidates.
  • This year we’ll see many people on the move. The past few years have been challenging for those in leadership roles- doing more with less, fighting layoffs, etc,  So much, that leaders could begin to look for new opportunities.  With the economy on the upswing for now, making a career move could be a possibility for more people than in recent years.
  • Marketing is going be a focus for many companies this year as companies look to grow- something they have not been able to do easily in recent years.  We are starting to see agencies winning larger accounts, vendors securing larger accounts- all this points to greater opportunities for those in the industry.

For now, that’s all I’m going to even try to predict… If you want more, let me know and I’ll gladly lend you the crystal ball from the closet.

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